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Jay Doran:

Born in Newark, New Jersey, Jay’s upbringing was not as pleasant as his current lifestyle may seem. After being adopted by Barbara, who he calls Mom, he quickly noticed he wanted more out of life- to become more. At the age of 20, he managed to turn a gym that was failing into a six-figure business in a matter of six months with the help of his vision, and a 10K limit credit card. Rapidly he began to understand the way to success was to develop a culture within the company. Demonstrations of this included his staff greeting each customer with a smile as they entered, and group huddles as an overview of their values multiple times a day.


While laying in bed, he had a big epiphany. He realized that what he had done in his gym should be done in every company and therefore he sold his shares at his gym. He decided to take the success from his gym, and transmute it into a much larger mission. Culture Matters is the offspring of his realization. He knew the principles of the impeccable culture he created before could be transferred to every single company that exists.


Now he coaches business leaders and high producing salesmen on how to develop cultural alignment within their organizations. He does that by helping them find their inner core values, and creating training programs around these values so the initial culture can live forever.

Culture Matters:

Culture Matters is a high-level coaching company that works with companies on establishing (or re-establishing) their core values and building training platforms around those values. Specifically, we teach leadership coaching on finding and transcribing the CEO’s  mission and what daily activities must be exercised so their original culture lives forever. Culture Matters does this through conscious training and authentic communication. This creates change to develop cultural alignment of education and emotional intelligence awareness.

Definition of Culture according to Culture Matters:


A Metaphorical ecosystem of shared belief created by an influencer and maintained by the influenced

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